Am I too late…?

Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List

1. Hobbs Freda Hat2. Sword Liners 3. Skagen 39LSSS1 Women’s Stainless Steel Stretch Mesh Band Watch 4. Singular Pearl Pendant 5. Boden Kate Dress 6. Quentin Blake, Beyond The Pages 7. Accessorize Snood 8. Hobbs Maisie Coat 9. Derwent Waterbrush 10. Lastly the amazing Thea Schultheiss, I so wanted this one the most: Three Female Wrens and Roses, framed (the original has been sold, but she promises a small run of prints).

So, I have only just started Christmas shopping – *hangs head* – I spent hours shopping yesterday, but have only just begun to chip away at the surface of purchasing gifts – I saw a lot of goodies which sparked off this post… Is it too late to have a Christmas List? Well, if there are any family members who are last minute shoppers like me and are stuck for inspiration, I have some ideas! Sadly, (actually great for them) I think they are probably already prepared for Christmas – it is only a few days away after all. I have also, until now *00ps* been silent in making any requests – it doesn’t quite feel the same as when I was young in preparing a list of trinkets, wishes and hopes for treats from Father Christmas.  As I still have a LOT of shopping to do for others, I should forget my wish list (although, fingers crossed for those Sword Liners) – but maybe I can give a few hints for my birthday next month instead!! Good luck to all those other last minute Christmas shoppers!

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